Snow Machines

Let it snow! Lets be honest……we’ve all been to our local Christmas Light s switch on in our local town, and there is something magical when all of a sudden the artificial snow starts falling from the sky as if by magic! Town Centre Events provide such magic by hiring out our specialist commercial snow machines. The machines we utilise are, we believe, the best on the market, manufactured by the specialist snow machine manufacturers Sfat. Ice and light supplies Sfat 300 Power snow machines, which are supplied in wheeled cases for easy manoeuvring and set up. These machines provide a perfect compromise between power and size, being easily transportable and yet still shooting snow over a distance of up to approximately 12 metres (more outside ,depending upon wind conditions). Town Centre Events machines also provide an opportunity to regulate the output, so with an Town Centre Events snow machines you can experience anything from a light snow shower to a full blown blizzard! Larger events can also use two machines in tandem for an even more impressive display. Town Centre Events supply the necessary snow fluid in 20-25 litre containers as necessary depending upon the event and its duration. The “snow” is foam based, quickly dissipates and is non toxic.

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