Lets go Ghost Busting!

Start your event off in style by also incorporating our Ghost Busting car on your events first day! Enquire for availability.

Strange things are happening in town!  Some claim to have seen ghosts and ghouls and a weird painting keeps appearing.   Our town needs your help!   Can you follow the clues and join other Ghost busters to solve the mystery and rid the town of its unwelcome guests? Our Ghost busting Hunt is a brand new Hunt. Superb props including sensational, unique animatronics, will be located around town as clues are followed and riddles solved,  with a sensational finale!  We will distribute booklets/leaflets to all local schools and encourage  them to integrate the hunt into their curriculum…..what could be more fun than parents and children  following the chase around town, solving puzzles, carrying the proton packs made in school! Suitable for halloween or any other time of year, this Hunt is a sensational addition to our line up of quality events designed to improve footfall and bring life and vitality to out Town Centres.

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