Dancing On The Clouds / Fireworks

My Wedding Decor provide a real dry ice “dancing on the clouds” effect for your perfect first dance. No worries with smoke alrms…..we use real dry ice! We also hire sensational cold spark firework machines……shooting a barrage of sparks up to 5m into the aiir, this effect is unique in that it is totally hazard free! The sparks are cold…..you can put your hands in them without harm…..they present no fire risk, and will not activate smoke alarms…..so are ideal for use indoors (or outside if dry). My Wedding Decor cold spark machines take the classic first dance low fog “dancing on clouds” effect, and take it to a completely new level! We also hire a second type of indoor fireworks…..”Ice Candles” are designed for indoor use are integrated into a variety of floral displays for a special and unique moment…..imagine the bride pressing our floral detonator to set off a host of fireworks around the wedding cake!


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